UCREL research centre

11th Teaching and Language Corpora Conference

Lancaster University, UK – 20th to 23rd July 2014

Call for papers, posters and software demonstrations

We invite submission of abstracts for TaLC 11.

We invite submissions on any topic, whether applied, descriptive or theoretical, which brings together corpus data or corpus linguistic methodology with language learning and teaching, broadly defined.

Topics that are within scope for TaLC include, but are not necessarily limited to, corpus-based approaches to any of the following:

  • first and second language teaching and learning (including data driven learning materials and student-centred linguistic investigation)
  • language awareness raising
  • teaching languages for specific purposes
  • teaching interpreting and translation
  • teaching culture and history
  • teaching literature
  • teaching inter-cultural communication
  • developing pedagogic grammars and learner dictionaries
  • teacher education
  • research on second language acquisition
  • teaching of corpus methods to students and researchers in linguistics

Paper presentations will consist of a 20 minute talk followed by 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Papers reporting on empirical research should represent either completed work, or work in progress where some results can be reported. Presentations that take the form of a software demonstration are welcome. We request abstracts of 750 words, not counting the reference list, for paper presentations.

Submissions for poster presentations may be shorter (400-750 words not counting references). Typically, we would suggest submission of a poster abstract, rather than a paper presentation abstract, for: (a) reports on research that is in its very earliest phases with no intermediate or final results to report; (b) reports on new corpus data resources.

We especially encourage submission of abstracts from early-career researchers, including postgraduate research students and postdoctoral researchers.

All abstracts should be submitted as formatted files, using the conference stylesheet, which can be downloaded from the following links:

Note we unfortunately cannot accept abstracts in PDF or ODT format. Please use RTF instead.

The deadline for abstracts is 6th January 2014 extended deadline: 12th January 2014.
Authors will be notified of outcomes by 24th February 2014.

Abstracts should be submitted through our online submission system

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