Workshop on Arabic Corpus Linguistics

Lancaster University, 11th-12th April 2011

Over the past few years, research into the Arabic language using corpora and corpus methods has moved from a new direction to an active field, with work advancing rapidly on many different fronts of both corpus linguistics and computational linguistics. In April 2011, UCREL hosted a Workshop on Arabic Corpus Linguistics, to create a venue where these different directions on corpus research into Arabic could be brought together to explore progress in the field.

The scope of the workshop encompassed both (a) the design, construction and annotation of Arabic corpora, and (b) the use of corpora in research on the Arabic language - in areas including lexis and lexicography, syntax, collocation, NLP systems and analysis tools, stylistics, and discourse analysis.

The keynote speakers were Tony McEnery (Lancaster University) and Eric Atwell (University of Leeds).

This website serves as a static record of the workshop and an archive for the materials that were presented. Linked from here, you will find:

Useful links to Arabic corpora and other resources


Other tools and resources

Presenters and Slides

Please note, many of the presentations are very large files (several megabytes in PDF in some cases). Our thanks go to the participants for allowing their slides to be made available to the research community at large.