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Lancaster University (UK), 28 - 31 March 2003

The CL2003 conference has now finished. Many thanks to all those who presented a paper or poster and to those who attended the conference. Some pictures are available taken by Paul Rayson during the conference, and there are also some pictures taken by Knut Hofland.

Invited talks

The conference included invited talks from:
Nicoletta Calzolari - Corpora and the lexicon
Michael Hoey - What can the corpus tell us about linguistic creativity?
Susan Hunston - Frame, phrase, or function: a comparison between frame semantics and local grammars
Nancy Ide - Everything you wanted to know about the American National Corpus ... but weren't afraid to ask


Proceedings were produced from the conference. The proceedings were available to participants during the conference, and are available following the conference as a UCREL technical paper (number 16). The CL2003 proceedings includes papers from the Learner Corpora workshop, but not the three other workshops. The contents pages are available as a PDF file. The full reference is as follows:

Dawn Archer, Paul Rayson, Andrew Wilson and Tony McEnery (eds.) (2003). Proceedings of the Corpus Linguistics 2003 conference. UCREL technical paper number 16. UCREL, Lancaster University. ISBN 1 86220 131 5.

The SProLaC workshop proceedings is now available as a UCREL technical paper (number 17), and electronically via the organiser's website:

Kiril Simov and Petya Osenova (eds.) (2003). Proceedings of The Workshop on Shallow Processing of Large Corpora (SProLaC 2003) held in conjunction with the Corpus Linguistics 2003 conference. UCREL technical paper number 17. UCREL, Lancaster University. ISBN 1-86220-134-X.

The Figurative language workshop proceedings is now available as a UCREL technical paper (number 18):

John Barnden, Sheila Glasbey, Mark Lee, Katja Markert and Alan Wallington(eds.) (2003). Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Corpus-Based Approaches to Figurative Language held in conjunction with the Corpus Linguistics 2003 conference UCREL technical paper number 18. UCREL, Lancaster University. ISBN 1-86220-147-1.

Proceedings Errata

The following paper was omitted in error from the conference proceedings:

Stella Tagnin. A multilingual learner corpus in Brazil. pp. 940 - 945. PDF version

Deadlines and important dates

Deadline for abstracts: 2 December 2002

Proposers notified of acceptance of workshops: 9 December 2002

Authors notified of acceptance of papers: 16 December 2002

Deadline for full papers (for proceedings): 13 February 2003

Registration deadline: 13 February 2003

Local conference committee

Tony McEnery (Lancaster University)
Andrew Wilson (Lancaster University)
Paul Rayson (Lancaster University)
Paul Baker (Lancaster University)

With local assistance of Dawn Archer, Matthew Davies, Aimee Doggett, Olga Moudraia, and Paula Robinson.

General conference committee

Eric Atwell, University of Leeds, UK
Michael Barlow, Rice University, USA
Mark Davies, Illinois State University, USA
Tomaz Erjavec, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Rob Gaizauskas, University of Sheffield, UK
Randall Jones, Brigham Young University, USA
Charles Meyer, University of Massachusetts at Boston, USA
Tamás Váradi, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
Anne Wichmann, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Shunji Yamazaki, Daito Bunka University, Japan


Programme Committee
Corpus Linguistics 2003
Department of Linguistics and MEL
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YT

Tel: +44 1524 593024
Fax: +44 1524 843085
E-mail: cl2003@comp.lancs.ac.uk

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