Lancaster University (UK), 30 March - 2 April 2001

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Conference programme

All main conference sessions took place in the Faraday complex, opposite the conference centre on the north spine. Plenary sessions took place in the Faraday Lecture Theatre. Parallel sessions took place in the Faraday Lecture Theatre (shown on the right hand column) and the Frankland Lecture Theatre (shown on the left hand column).
Day 0: Thursday 29th March
8:00Breakfast in Cartmel restaurant
1) (Full day) Corpus-Based & Processing Approaches to Figurative Language (North Spine Seminar Room 1)
2) (Morning) Corpus Linguistics, Ancient Languages, and Older Language Periods (North Spine Seminar Room 2)
3) (Morning) XML Markup Technologies for Working with Linguistic Data (B61 Linguistics Department)
10:30-11:30Morning coffee in Conference Centre MR2
1:00-2:00Lunch in Conference Centre MR2
2:00-6:00 1) (Full day) Corpus-Based & Processing Approaches to Figurative Language (North Spine Seminar Room 1)
4) (Afternoon) Using SARA to explore the BNC World Edition (B66 Linguistics Department)
4:00-4:30Afternoon tea in Conference Centre MR2
7:00Dinner in Cartmel restaurant
Day 1: Friday 30th March
8:00Breakfast in Cartmel restaurant
9:00-11:00Registration and coffee
11:00-1:00 Introduction
Chair: Tony McEnery
Nancy Ide & Catherine Macleod: The American National Corpus: A Standardized Resource for American English
Robert Gaizauskas, Jonathan Foster, Yorick Wilks, John Arundel, Paul Clough, Scott Piao: The METER Corpus: A corpus for analysing journalistic text reuse
Anne Abeillé, Lionel Clément, Alexandra Kinyon & François Toussenel: The TALANA annotated corpus for French : some experimental results
1:00-2:00Lunch in Conference Centre MR2
Chair: Eric Atwell
Kiril Simov, Zdravko Peev, Milen Kouylekov, Alexander Simov, Marin Dimitrov, Atanas Kiryakov: CLaRK - an XML based system for corpora development
Julien Nioche & Benoît Habert: Using feature structures as a unifying representation format for corpora exploration
Sylvie Porhiel: Linguistic expressions as a tool to extract information
Hatem Ghorbel, Afzal Ballim, & Giovanni Coray: ROSETTA: Rhetorical and semantic environment for text alignment
Chair: Andrew Wilson
Margareta Westergren Axelsson & Angela Hahn: The use of the progressive in Swedish and German advanced learner English: a corpus-based study
Przemyslaw Kaszubski: Tracing idiomaticity in learner language - the case of be
Elke Teich & Silvia Hansen: Methods and techniques for a multi-level analysis of multilingual corpora
Maeve Olohan: Spelling out the Optionals in Translation: A Corpus Study
4:00-4:30Afternoon tea in Conference Centre MR2
Chair: Angela Hahn
Bas Aarts, Evelien Keizer, Mariangela Spinillo & Sean Wallis: Which or what? A study of interrogative determiners in present-day English
Katja Ploog: Syntactic change in abidjanee French
Diana Hudson-Ettle, Tore Nilsson & Sabine Reich: Orality and noun phrase complexity: a corpus-based study of British and Kenyan writing in English
Rhonwen Bowen: Nouns and Their Prepositional Phrase Complements in English
7:30-10:00Hotpot buffet, wine reception, and posters in Conference Centre MR2
Day 2: Saturday 31st March
8:00Breakfast in Cartmel restaurant
Chair: Wolf-Dieter Syring
Josef Szakos & Amy Wang: Not last, even if least: Endangered Formosan aboriginal languages and the corpus revolution
Mark Sebba & Susan Dray: Is it Creole, is it English, is it valid? Developing and using a corpus of unstandardised written language
Shereen Khoja, Roger Garside & Gerry Knowles: A Tagset for the Morphosyntactic Tagging of Arabic
10:30-11:00Morning coffee in Conference Centre MR2
Chair: Mike Oakes
Hans Boas: Frame Semantics as a framework for describing polysemy and syntactic structures of English and German motion verbs in contrastive computational lexicography
Serge Verlinde & Thierry Selva: Corpus-based vs intuition-based lexicography. Defining a word list for a French learner's dictionary
Hannah Kermes & Stefan Evert: Exploiting large corpora: A circular process of partial syntactic analysis, corpus query and extraction of lexicographic information
Ted Briscoe: From dictionary to corpus to self organising dictionary: Learning valency associations in the face of variation and change
Chair: David Lee
Benoît Habert, Natalia Grabar, Pierre Jacquemart, Pierre Zweigenbaum: Building a text corpus for representing the variety of medical language
Constantin Orasan: Patterns in scientific abstracts
Richard Foley: Going out in style? Shall in EU legal English
Jean-Yves Antoine & Jérôme Goulian: Word order variations and spoken man-machine dialogue in French : a corpus analysis on the ATIS domain
1:00-2:00Lunch in Conference Centre MR2
Chair: Hans-Jörg Schmid
Mick Short: Style in Fiction and Non-fiction: A Corpus-based approach to Speech, Thought and Writing Presentation
Doug Biber: Historical shifts in modification patterns with complex noun phrase structures: How long can you go without a verb?
4:00-4:30Afternoon tea in Conference Centre MR2
Chair: Lou Burnard
Geoffrey Sampson: Thoughts on Twenty Years of Drawing Trees
Jenny Thomas: Negotiating meaning: a pragmatic analysis of indirectness in political interviews
7:30Gala celebration for Geoffrey Leech at the Ashton Memorial in Williamson Park in Lancaster. Coaches pickup at 7.00pm University Underpass and return coming back at 10.30pm Car Park South Road.
Day 3: Sunday 1st April
8:00Breakfast in Cartmel restaurant
Chair: Jean Véronis
Eva Hajicova & Petr Sgall: A reusable corpus needs syntactic annotations: Prague Dependency Treebank
Kiril Simov, Gergana Popova & Petya Osenova: HPSG-based syntactic TreeBank of Bulgarian (BulTreeBank)
Liesbeth Degand & Henk Pander Maat: Contrasting causal connectives on the Speaker Involvement Scale
10:30-11:00Morning coffee in Conference Centre MR2
Chair: Silvia Hansen
Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Michael Oakes & Paul Rayson: Annotated Corpora for Assistance with English-Polish Translation
Anselmo Peñas, Felisa Verdejo & Julio Gonzalo: Corpus-Based Terminology Extraction Applied to Information Access
Martin Volk: Exploiting the WWW as a corpus to resolve PP attachment ambiguities
Julia Lavid: Using bilingual corpora for the construction of contrastive generation grammars: issues and problems
Chair: Andrew Wilson
Rema Rossini Favretti, Fabio Tamburini & Cristiana De Santis : CORIS/CODIS: A corpus of written Italian based on a defined and a dynamic model
P-O Nilsson: Investigating characteristic lexical distributions and grammatical patterning in Swedish texts translated from English
Cécile Frérot, Géraldine Rigou & Annik Lacombe: Phraseological approach to automatic terminology extraction from a bilingual aligned scientific corpus
Steven Jones: Corpus Approaches to Antonymy
1:00-2:00Lunch in Conference Centre MR2
Software demonstrations in B66 Linguistics Department
Roz Ivanic and Nick Smith: The Lancaster Corpus of Children's Project Writing: Demonstration and Discussion
Mike Pacey: APRIL project and WebCorp
Chair: Claudia Claridge
Stanley E. Porter & Matthew Brook O'Donnell: Theoretical Issues for Corpus Linguistics Raised by the Study of Ancient Languages
Dawn Archer and Jonathan Culpeper: Sociopragmatic annotation: New directions and possibilities in Historical Corpus Linguistics
Helena Raumolin-Brunberg: Temporal aspects of language change: what can we learn from the CEEC?
4:00-4:30Afternoon tea in Conference Centre MR2
Chair: Oliver Mason
Cancelled: Anja Belz: Optimisation of corpus-derived probabilistic grammars
Mirjam Sepesy Maucec & Zdravko Kacic: Language Model Adaptation For Highly-Inflected Slovenian Language In Comparison To English Language
Stefan Evert & Anke Lüdeling: Measuring morphological productivity: Is automatic preprocessing sufficient?
Simon Smith & Martin Russell: Determining query types for information access
Chair: Ylva Berglund
Kay Wikberg: His breath a thin winter-whistle in his throat: English metaphors and their translation into Scandinavian languages
Claudia Claridge: Approaching Irony in Corpora
Juana Marín-Arrese, Elena Martinez-Caro & Soledad Pérez de Ayala Becerril: A corpus study of impersonalization strategies in newspaper discourse in English & Spanish
Martina Möllering: Pragmatic and discursive aspects of German modal particles: a corpus-based approach
7:00Dinner in Cartmel restaurant
Day 4: Monday 2nd April
8:00Breakfast in Cartmel restaurant
Chair: Martin Weisser
Anne Wichmann & Richard Cauldwell: Wh-Questions and attitude: the effect of context
Estelle Campione & Jean Véronis: Semi-automatic tagging of intonation in French spoken corpora
Josef Schmied: Exploring the Chemnitz Internet Grammar: Examples of student use
Cancelled: Roldano Cattoni, Morena Danieli, Andrea Panizza, Vanessa Sandrini & Claudia Soria: Building a corpus of annotated dialogues: the ADAM experience
10:30-11:00Morning coffee in Conference Centre MR2
Chair: Paul Rayson
Scott Songlin Piao & Tony McEnery: Multi-word unit alignment in English-Chinese parallel corpora
Daniel Hardt: Comma Checking in Danish
Yuliya Katsnelson & Charles Nicholas: Identifying Parallel Corpora Using Latent Semantic Indexing
David Hardcastle: Using the BNC to produce dialectic cryptic crossword clues
Chair: Geoff Leech
Annelie Ädel: On the search for metadiscourse units
Maarten Lemmens: Tracing referent location in oral picture descriptions
Karen Wu Rongquan: Public Discourse as the mirror of ideological change: A keyword study of editorials in People's Daily
Beom-mo Kang & Hung-gyu Kim: Variation across Korean Text Registers
1:00-2:00Lunch in Conference Centre MR2
Chair: Diana Hudson-Ettle
Jean Véronis: Sense tagging: does it make sense ?
Antoinette Renouf: The Web as a Source of Linguistic Information
Hans-Jörg Schmid: Do women and men really live in different cultures? Evidence from the BNC
Karin Aijmer: Discourse particles in contrast
4:00-4:30Afternoon tea in Conference Centre MR2
Chair: Paul Rayson
Hermann Moisl & Joan Beal: Corpus analysis and results visualisation using self-organizing maps
Ylva Berglund & Oliver Mason: "But this formula doesn't mean anything!" - some reflections on parameters of texts and their significance
Pascual Cantos-Gomez: An attempt to improve current collocation analysis
Cancelled: Niladri Sekhar Dash and Bidyut Baran Chaudhuri: Corpus based Empirical Analysis of Form, Function and Frequency of Characters used in Bangla
Chair: David Lee
Frantisek Cermák, Jana Klimová, Karel Pala, Vladimir Petkevic: The Design of Czech Lexical Database
Tamás Váradi: The Linguistic Relevance of Corpus Linguistics
Eric Atwell & John Elliott: A Corpus for Interstellar Communication
7:00Dinner in Cartmel restaurant
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