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TALC96 General Information


While the use of computer text corpora in research is now well established, they are now being used increasingly for teaching purposes. This includes the use of corpus data to inform and create teaching materials; it also includes the direct exploration of corpora by students, both in the study of linguistics and of foreign languages. Talc96 will build upon the success of Talc94, which brought together researchers and teachers who are involved in such work, to take part in an international exchange of current experience and expertise.


KEY THEME: Talc96 will have a special focus on evaluating the claims made for corpora in linguistics and language teaching.

OTHER THEMES: which the conference is expected to cover include -

  1. The use of corpora in student led learning and investigation.
  2. Software for corpus based language and linguistics learning.
  3. Developing corpora for teaching purposes.
  4. The exploitation of corpus based teaching and learning materials.
  5. The theory and practice of corpus based teaching and learning.

Papers presented at the conference will be of the typical 20 minutes talk plus ten minutes of questions format.


Talc96 will also host several workshops related to teaching and language corpora. To give an example of what those workshops may be, Talc94 had a variety of workshops such as "Multilingual Corpus Building" and "Concordancing and Corpus Retrieval".

Workshops will be of one to two hour duration.

Further information is available from:
Simon Botley,
Department of Linguistics and MEL,
Lancaster University,
Lancaster LA1 4YT
phone: +44 1524-65201 ext. 3212
fax: +44 1524 843 085

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