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Page last modified: Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Known Problems

If the following error message is received when starting VARD 2: "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file..." this is due to an older version of Java being used. Java 6 is required to run VARD 2. You can download the latest version of Java to rectify this problem.
If you are using a Mac then it could be that Java is not set up to use the latest version of Java (this is the default case). To rectify this locate the Java Preferences, usually found in Applications > Utilities > Java. There you can "drag and drop" Java 6 to the top of the list, meaning that 6 will be used by default. "Java applications" is the one that needs changing for VARD, although you may wish to make the same change for applets.

In certain sequences of normalisation, you may receive an error message similar to Uncaught Exception occurred in thread AWT-EventQueue-0 358 > 358. This is a bug, but not a serious one, it is safe to discard the error message and carry on. I will fix this as soon as possible. Fixed in version 2.5.1.

In rare circumstances the removal of a word from the dictionary would result in extra words being erroneously removed also. Fixed in version 2.4.2.

VARD hangs when attempting to normalise a variant with a long string of repeated characters. Fixed in version 2.4.2.

In 2.4, a bug occasionally prevented VARD from initialising. Fixed in version 2.4.1.

If "words.txt" is edited to include certain words beginning with "gh" the program may crash due to a bug in the phonetic coding algorithm. Thanks to Cristina for pointing this out. Fixed in version 2.3.

If the following error message is received when first loading VARD 2: "Uncaught exception occurred in thread Thread-3 for input string DS_Store" or similar, this is due to extra files being present in the SCOWL folder. Only files with a digit file extension (10, 20 etc) should be present in the folder. VARD 2 should ignore any other files, and the next release will rectify this problem. However, until then please ensure that any other files (including hidden files) are deleted. The Mac operating system adds "DS_Store" files which track folder preferences, these need to be deleted. Fixed in version 2.3.

Output from the batch version cannot always be opened with the interactive version. Fixed in version 2.2.

Batch version ignores any previous VARD 2 xml tags. Fixed in version 2.2.

Pasting xml text in the interactive version can cause problems. Fixed in version 2.2.

VARD 2 generally struggles with invalid xml files. Fixed in version 2.2.

Report a bug

VARD 2 is no longer under active development, however if you have a bug that is causing issues, and is not detailed above, please contact me.

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