Talc94 (10th - 13th April 1994 Lancaster University)

Talc94 was the First International Conference on Teaching and Language Corpora. The conference arose as the result of interest shown at two ICAME conferences, in Nijmegen in 1992 and Zürich in 1993. ICAME has long been the favourite gathering of a substantial group of committed corpus linguistics, and during these two conferences two things were becoming increasingly apparant:
  1. many colleagues are now spending a great deal of time endeavouring to bring their interest in corpus-based research into their teaching
  2. the interest in corpora and teaching is spreading so quickly then even regular ICAME participants cannot keep up with innovations, and lack a focused forum in which to share ideas.
However, we were not prepared for the sheer range and depth of involvements which were brought to our attention in the course of arranging the conference. Those who attended Talc94 included many long-standing ICAMErs, but the majority of participants were not from this relatively close-knit community.

The UCREL Technical Papers include a special issue with a selection of papers from Talc94. Also published by UCREL: Talc94 Handbook (573992 bytes Postscript)

Also see: Wichmann, A., Fligelstone, S., McEnery, A., and Knowles, G. (eds.) (1997). Teaching and Language Corpora. Adison Wesley Longman, London and New York. (details)