CL 2007 CL2007 Conference Proceedings    

Proceedings of the
Corpus Linguistics Conference


University of Birmingham, UK

27-30 July 2007

Edited by
Matthew Davies, Paul Rayson, Susan Hunston, Pernilla Danielsson

ISSN 1747-9398

This page contains the proceedings of the CL2007 conference held at the University of Birmingham, UK, July 27-30 2007. For those articles without a full paper, the proceedings include an abstract. Paper numbers followed by '(a)' indicate that only an abstract is available. We also provide a List of Authors (by surname).

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Proceedings errata:
1. In article #129 'Circuelos' should be 'Ciruelos' on pages 5 and 12.
2. Sachiko Nakamura requested that his paper (number 35) be deleted in order to be published in a journal.
3. Masatoshi Sugiura requested that his paper (number 216) be deleted because "An inappropriate datum was included in the study."

Article #1(a): When Linguistic Theory Meets Corpus Linguistics: How Are Multiple Adverbs Ordered in Mandarin Chinese?
Authors: May L-Y Wong

Article #2(a): Enhanced Phraseological Idiomaticity in Translational and Non-Translational Texts: A Corpus-Based Study of Chinese Four-Character Idioms
Authors: Meng Ji

Article #5: A Polish-English Contrastive Study of the Order of Premodifying Adjectives: A Procedural Model Account
Authors: Dorota Zielinska

Article #6(a): Measuring Compositionality in Corpus Data
Authors: Stefanie Wulff

Article #8: Solving the Polysemy Problem of Persian Words Using Mutual Information Statistics
Authors: Tayebeh Mosavi Miangah

Article #9(a): Finding Groups in Chronologically-Ordered Corpus Data: Variance-Based Neighbor Clustering
Authors: Stefan Th. Gries

Article #13(a): A Comparative Study of Introductory ‘it’ in Research Articles Across Eight Disciplines
Authors: Matthew Peacock

Article #14: Corpus-Based Analysis of Verb/Noun Collocations in Interdisciplinary Registers
Authors: Monica Holtz

Article #15: Collocations in Translated Language: Combining Parallel, Comparable and Reference Corpora
Authors: Silvia Bernardini

Article #16(a): Paraphrasing: A New Approach to the Study of Knowledge Building
Authors: Lisa Cheung

Article #17(a): Spoken Corpora Design Revisted
Authors: František Čermák

Article #19: Quantifying Constructions in English and Chinese: A Corpus-Based Contrastive Study
Authors: Tony McEnery and Richard Xiao

Article #20: The War on Terror - An Intentional Choice of Words?
Authors: Del Barrett

Article #23: The Translation of Interaction in the Genre of Popular Science: The Case of Scientific American
Authors: Min-Hsiu Liao

Article #24: The Discourse of Outsourced Call Centres: A Corpus-Based, Multi-Dimensional Analysis
Authors: Eric Friginal

Article #25(a): Fluency in Native and Non-Native English Speech: Corpus Findings and Language-Pedagogical Implications
Authors: Joybrato Mukherjee and Sandra Götz

Article #26(a): Complex Predicates and the Expression of Emotion: A Corpus-Based Approach
Authors: Amália Mendes

Article #27: Mapping the Time Continuum: A Major Raison D'etre for Diachronic Corpora
Authors: Karel Kucera

Article #28(a): Uncovering the Extent of the Idiom Principle
Authors: Chris Greaves and Martin Warren

Article #29(a): The Collocational and Colligational Behaviour of the Lemmas MAN and WOMAN in the British National Corpus (BNC)
Authors: Michael Pearce

Article #30: ICE Trinidad and Tobago: Teacher Language Investigation in a University Research Class
Authors: Valerie Youssef and Dagmar Deuber

Article #31: Teacher Language in Trinidad: A Pilot Corpus Study of Direct and Indirect Creolisms in the Verb Phrase
Authors: Dagmar Deuber and Valerie Youssef

Article #32(a): A Corpus-Based Study of the Variability of BE in Second Language Acquisition
Authors: Yanyan Zhang

Article #35: Comparison of Features of Texts Translated by Professional and Learner Translators
Authors: Sachiko Nakamura

Article #36: Incompatibility: A No-Sense Relation?
Authors: Petra Storjohann

Article #38: A Framework for an Ontology-Driven Multi-lingual Transcription Systems with IPA representation
Authors: Chakkrit Snae, Eri Hirata and Michael Brueckner

Article #39: Comparing Collocations Across Languages: An English-Czech Sample
Authors: Ales Klegr

Article #40: A New Venture in Corpus-Based Lexicography: Towards a Dictionary of Academic English
Authors: Iztok Kosem and Ramesh Krishnamurthy

Article #41(a): Corpus-Based Cross-Sectional Analysis of Academic Papers in Medicine: Investigating Collocation Patterns of Sub-Technical Terms
Authors: Shozo Yokoyama, Chizuko Suzuki, Seisuke Yasunami, Kathleen Brown and Naoko Kawakita

Article #43: Representing and Maintaining Large Corpora
Authors: Rüdiger Gleim, Alexander Mehler and Hans-Jürgen Eikmeyer

Article #45(a): A Corpus-Driven Study of the Variation of Co-Occurrence Patterns in Written and Spoken Registers
Authors: Amália Mendes, Maria Fernanda Bacelar do Nascimento and Sandra Antunes

Article #47: Extracting Level-Specific Science and Technology Vocabulary from the Corpus of Professional English (CPE)
Authors: Kiyomi Chujo, Masao Utiyama and Takahiro Nakamura

Article #48: Negative Polar Questions in English and Czech
Authors: Markéta Malá

Article #49: Exploiting a Semantic Annotation Tool for Metaphor Analysis
Authors: Andrew Hardie, Veronika Koller, Paul Rayson and Elena Semino

Article #51: Fostering Language Learner Autonomy Through Adaptive Conversation Tutors
Authors: Bayan Abu Shawar and Eric Atwell

Article #52: Traces of Lexical Priming in English and German Uses of BE and HAVE Forms in Biographies
Authors: Michael Pace-Sigge

Article #53(a): TermGen: A First Step Towards a Terminological Database in Genomics
Authors: Florbela Barreto

Article #54(a): A Corpus-Based Study of the Priming of 'but' in Comment Articles in English
Authors: Izaskun Elorza

Article #55: Phraseology in a Learner Corpus Compared with the Phraseology of UK and US Students
Authors: Yoshihito Kamakura

Article #57(a): Delexical HAVE/MAKE + Noun Collocations: A Comparison of Advanced Swedish and Chinese Learner English
Authors: Ying Wang

Article #58(a): An Analysis of Grammatical and Lexical Features in an Identical Task Across Different Modes
Authors: Mariko Abe

Article #59(a): Measuring Fluency in an Oral Learner Corpus
Authors: John Osborne

Article #60: Machine Translation between Language Stages: Extracting Historical Grammar from a Parallel Diachronic Corpus of Polish
Authors: Amir Zeldes

Article #61: The International Corpus of English (GB): A Study of Negation
Authors: Alyson Pitts

Article #62: Statistical Detection of Diminutives in Czech
Authors: Vera Schmiedtová

Article #63: Chinese Kinship Semantic Structure and Annotation Scheme
Authors: Yufang Qian and Scott Songlin Piao

Article #64: A Large Reference Corpus for Spoken French: ESLO 1 and 2 and Its Variations
Authors: Noëlle Serpollet, Gabriel Bergounioux, Annie Chesneau and Richard Walter

Article #65: ZT corpus: Annotation and Tools for Basque Corpora
Authors: Nerea Areta, Antton Gurrutxaga, Igor Leturia, Ińaki Alegria, Xabier Artola, Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza, Nerea Ezeiza and Aitor Sologaistoa

Article #66(a): Integration of Terminology Database and Corpus of Translations
Authors: Miran Zeljko

Article #69(a): What Makes for Lively Conversation: A Comparison of Dialogues and Monologues
Authors: Junko Shirato and Katsuhide Sonoda

Article #71: A New Text Statistical Measure and Its Application to Stylometry
Authors: Felix Golcher

Article #73: Designing an English-Spanish Dictionary of Word Combinations Including Usage Examples from Corpora
Authors: Eduardo de Gregorio-Godeo

Article #74: Reading (in) the News: Understanding Media Discourse Around Community Reading Events
Authors: Anouk Lang

Article #75(a): The Discursive Construction of Otherness in the Public Sphere
Authors: Encarnacion Hidalgo Tenorio

Article #76(a): GerManC: An Annotated, Spatialised, Multi-Genre Corpus of Early Modern German
Authors: Martin Durrell, Paul Bennett and Astrid Ensslin

Article #77(a): The Semantic Roles of the Indirect Object from a Corpus-Based Approach: A Case Study
Authors: Carmen Aguilera Carnerero

Article #78(a): A Corpus Analysis of Deliberations in Japanese Trials
Authors: Syugo Hotta

Article #79: From Narratives to Intensification and Hyperbole: Promotional Uses of Book Blurbs
Authors: Silvia Cacchiani

Article #80: Measuring Syntagmatic Fixedness of Multi-Word Expressions
Authors: Axel Herold and Katerina Stathi

Article #81(a): Cast3LB-CoNNL-SemRol: A Seed Corpus for Machine Learning Experiments
Authors: Roser Morante

Article #82: Repetitions of Word Forms in Text: An Approach to Establishing Text Structure
Authors: Elena Tarasheva

Article #84: Enriching Bilingual Dictionaries with Corpus-Based Data: First Steps Towards an Improved Description of Verbs in General Bilingual Dictionaries Thanks to a Popular-Science Corpus
Authors: Cécile Frérot and Amélie Josselin-Leray

Article #86: The Projection of Stance in the Greek Corpus of Learner English (GRICLE)
Authors: Anna-Maria Hatzitheodorou and Marina Mattheoudakis

Article #87(a): Binomial Sequences, Informants' Judgments and Text Analysis
Authors: Shih-ping Wang

Article #88: Collocational Properties of Adpositions in Nepali and English
Authors: Andrew Hardie

Article #89(a): Age-Related Examination of Hedging in an All-Female Corpus of Irish English
Authors: Brona Murphy

Article #92: What Do We Mean When We Speak About Named Entities?
Authors: Oriol Borrega, Mariona Taulé and M. Antonia Martí

Article #94(a): Plant Fixed Expressions in Corpus Linguistics
Authors: Shelley Ching-yu Hsieh and Viktoria Eschbach-Szabo

Article #96: Tagging and Parsing an Artificial Language: An Annotated Web-Corpus of Esperanto
Authors: Eckhard Bick

Article #97: Querying Multi-Layer Annotation and Alignment in Translation Corpora
Authors: Mihaela Vela, Stella Neumann and Silvia Hansen-Schirra

Article #98(a): An Algorithm for WSD Based on Collocational Data
Authors: Pascual Cantos, Carlos Balsalobre, Vicenta Rodríguez and Ana María Fernández

Article #99: Exploiting a Spoken Corpus in Language Teaching/Learning: An Advance Web-Based Tool
Authors: Leonardo Campillos, Paula Gozalo, José María Guirao and Antonio Moreno Sandoval

Article #100(a): Capturing Variation in the Use of (in)Definite Articles in Native and Nativised Varieties of English
Authors: Pascual Cantos, Carlos Balsalobre, Vicenta Rodríguez and Ana María Fernández

Article #101(a): The sem•metrix Project: Towards the Large-Scale Measurement of Lexical Variation
Authors: Yves Peirsman and Kris Heylen

Article #103(a): The Compilation of CoER: The Corpus of Early English Recipes
Authors: Francisco Alonso-Almeida

Article #104: Searching for Live Metaphor Uses in Spoken Corpora: A Prosodic Approach
Authors: Gilles Cloiseau

Article #106(a): Towards a More Useful Measure of Dispersion in Corpus Data
Authors: Stefan Th. Gries

Article #107: Multivariate Methods in Corpus-Based Lexicography: A Study of Synonymy in Finnish
Authors: Antti Arppe

Article #109: Making Sense of Roget
Authors: Jeremy Ellman and Rob Bell

Article #110(a): Collocation: From the Corpus to the Classroom
Authors: Crayton Walker

Article #112: Learner Corpora and the Acquisition of Word Order: A Study of the Production of Verb-Subject Structures in L2 English
Authors: Cristobal Lozano and Amaya Mendikoetxea

Article #113: An Exploration of Word Order in Learner Corpora: The WOSLAC Project
Authors: Gema Chocano, Rocio Jimenez, Cristobal Lozano, Amaya Mendikoetxea, Susana Murcia, Michael O'Donnell, Paul Rollinson and Ivan Teomiro

Article #115: Terminology Extraction: Legacy Terminology in Content Authoring and Translation
Authors: Hanne Smaadahl and Frederik Fouvry

Article #116(a): Russian and Chinese Event Annotation: A Pilot Study
Authors: Anna Feldman and Xiaofei Lu

Article #117: Some Observations Regarding the Frequencies of 'a' and 'the' in Text Messaging
Authors: Caroline Tagg

Article #118(a): Using a Corpus to Explore Argument in Academic Discourse: How Far Can We Go?
Authors: Maggie Charles

Article #119(a): Investigating the Diagnostic and Evaluative Functions of a Learner Corpus
Authors: Xiaotian Guo

Article #120: Generating and Rendering Readability Scores for Project Gutenberg Texts
Authors: Ronald P. Reck and Ruth A. Reck

Article #123(a): Towards a Corpus-Based Methodology for Investigating Word Meaning in Translated Texts
Authors: Carmen Dayrell

Article #124(a): A Program for Identifying Metaphor Candidates in Corpora
Authors: Tony Berber Sardinha

Article #125: Lexical Patterns in the Conversational English of L2 Speakers: Is There Evidence of Individual Variation?
Authors: Glenn Stewart Hadikin

Article #126: DDL Is in the Details… and in the Big Themes.
Authors: Alex Boulton

Article #128: Syntactic Annotation of Non-Canonical Linguistic Structures
Authors: Hagen Hirschmann, Seanna Doolittle and Anke Lüdeling

Article #129: Investigating Repetition and Reusability of Translations in Subtitle Corpora for Use with Example-Based Machine Translation
Authors: Marian Flanagan and Dorothy Kenny

Article #130: Using Corpora for Exploring and Assessing the Influence of English on Contemporary Spanish
Authors: José L. Oncins-Martínez

Article #131(a): An Inter-Linguistic Analysis of a Bilingual Corpus of Corporate Websites
Authors: Miranda Y. P. Lee

Article #132: Systematic Exploration of Collocation Profiles
Authors: Rainer Perkuhn

Article #133(a): Towards a Reference Corpus of Web Genres
Authors: Marina Santini and Serge Sharoff

Article #134: CCDB: A Corpus-Linguistic Research and Development Workbench
Authors: Holger Keibel and Cyril Belica

Article #136: German Today: An Extensive Speech Data Collection in the German Speaking Area of Europe
Authors: Ralf Knöbl, Stefan Kleiner, Caren Brinckmann and Nina Berend

Article #137: Developing a Greek Biomedical Corpus towards Text Mining
Authors: Christos Tsalidis, Giorgos Orphanos, Elena Mantzari, Mavina Pantazara, Christos Diolis and Aristides Vagelatos

Article #138(a): Corpus-Generated High Frequency Word Lists: A Teacher's Perspective
Authors: Kate Adams

Article #141: Exploring the Use of Linguistic Features in Sentiment Analysis
Authors: Michel Genereux and Marina Santini

Article #142: BNC! Handle with Care! Spelling and Tagging Errors in the BNC
Authors: Roger Mitton, David Hardcastle and Jenny Pedler

Article #143: Automatic Sortal Interpretation of German Nominalisations with -ung: Towards using underspecified Representations in Corpora
Authors: Manuel Kountz, Ulrich Heid, Kristina Spranger

Article #144: User-Centered Analysis of Corpora Using Semantic Features Redundancy
Authors: Thibault Roy, Pierre Beust and Stéphane Ferrari

Article #148: BNC Design Model Past its Sell-By
Authors: Adam Kilgarriff, Sue Atkins and Michael Rundell

Article #150: Methods to Extend Greek and Latin Corpora with Variants and Conjectures: Mapping critical apparatuses onto reference text
Authors: Federico Boschetti

Article #151(a): Automating the Preparation of Corpus-Based EFL Activities with Song Lyrics
Authors: Patricia Bértoli-Dutra

Article #152(a): Building a Corpus: An Experience of the Nepali National Corpus (NNC)
Authors: Krishna Prasad Chalise

Article #153: A Syllabification Algorithm and Syllable Statistics of Written Uyghur
Authors: Maimaitimin Saimaiti and Zhiwei Feng

Article #154(a): Basque Error Corpora: A Framework to Classify and Store It
Authors: Itziar Aldabe, Bertol Arrieta, Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza, Ianire Niebla, Montse Maritxalar, Maite Oronoz and Larraitz Uria

Article #155: Proper Nouns in Czech Corpora
Authors: Magda Sevcikova

Article #156: Sign Language Corpus Creation: A Digital Humanities Ethnography
Authors: Ernst P. Thoutenhoofd

Article #159: Vocabulary Usage and Intelligibility in Learner Language
Authors: Emi Izumi, Kiyotaka Uchimoto and Hitoshi Isahara

Article #161(a): Corpus Composition and Contiguous Word Combinations
Authors: David Oakey

Article #162: Using a Spontaneous Spoken Corpus in a Bilingual Lexicon of Prepositions [French-Spanish]
Authors: Doaa Samy, Ana Valverde Mateos and Concha Sanz Miguel

Article #163: The Referential Versus Non-referential Use of the Neuter Pronoun in Dutch and English
Authors: Veronique Hoste, Iris Hendrickx and Lieve Macken

Article #164(a): Designing and Implementing Data-Driven Learning in a Korean Secondary School EFL Classroom
Authors: Dong Ju Lee

Article #165(a): Approaching the Problems: Capturing, Coding and Analysing Gesture in Multi-Modal Communication Data
Authors: Dawn Knight, David Evans, Svenja Adolphs and Ronald Carter

Article #166(a): Methodological Considerations in the Determination of Corpus Size for the Study of Frequent Multi-Word Units (MWUs) in Spoken Language
Authors: Dahlmann Irina

Article #170: Decomposition and Delexicalisation in Learners' Collocational (Mis)behaviour
Authors: Gill Philip

Article #172: Adverbs in Specialized Language: A Pilot Study
Authors: Helmara Febeliana Real de Moraes

Article #173: Dutch Parallel Corpus: A Multilingual Annotated Corpus
Authors: Lieve Macken, Julia Trushkina, Hans Paulussen, Lidia Rura, Piet Desmet and Willy Vandeweghe

Article #174(a): Exploring the Textual Positions and Functions of Lexical Items in Hard News Stories
Authors: Matthew Brook O'Donnell, Michaela Mahlberg, Michael Hoey and Mike Scott

Article #176(a): A Longitudinal Analysis of the Use of the Article System by Spanish Learners of English at University Level: Main Findings
Authors: Maria Belen Diez Bedmar

Article #178(a): Acquiring a Poor Man's Inflectional Lexicon for German
Authors: Peter Adolphs

Article #180(a): Linguistic Analysis of Video Corpora
Authors: Manuel Alcantara Plá and Thierry Declerck

Article #181: Corpus-Based Investigation of Language Change: The Case of RNC
Authors: Svetlana Savchuk

Article #182: Corpus-Driven Study of Multi-Word Expressions Based on Collocations from a Very Large Corpus
Authors: Annelen Brunner and Kathrin Steyer

Article #185: Timelines, Transcription and Turn-Taking: A Corpus-Driven Approach to Simultaneous Speech
Authors: Richard Forsyth, David Clarke and Phoenix Lam

Article #186: Using Web Data to Investigate Antonym Canonicity
Authors: Steven Jones, M. Lynne Murphy, Carita Paradis and Caroline Willners

Article #187: An XML Coding Scheme for Multimodal Corpus Annotation
Authors: Philippe Blache, Gaelle Ferre and Stephane Rauzy

Article #189: Ogmios: A Scalable NLP Platform for Annotating Large Web Document Collections
Authors: Thiery Hamon, Julien Derivičre and Adeline Nazarenko

Article #190: The Leipzig Corpora Collection: Monolingual Corpora of Standard Size
Authors: Chris Biemann, Gerhard Heyer, Uwe Quasthoff and Matthias Richter

Article #191: Interactive Corpus Annotation of Anaphor Using NLP Algorithms
Authors: Catherine Smith and Matthew Brook O'Donnell

Article #192: Tagging the Bard: Evaluating the Accuracy of a Modern POS Tagger on Early Modern English Corpora
Authors: Paul Rayson, Dawn Archer, Alistair Baron, Jonathan Culpeper and Nicholas Smith

Article #193: PRAGMATEXT, Annotating the Corpus C-ORAL-ROM with Pragmatic Knowledge
Authors: Ana González-Ledesma

Article #194: Corpus-Based Evaluation of Prosodic Phrase Break Prediction Using nltk_lite’s Chunk Parser to Detect Prosodic Phrase Boundaries in the Aix-MARSEC Corpus of Spoken English
Authors: Claire Brierley and Eric Atwell

Article #195(a): European Portuguese Relative Clauses in a Spoken Corpus
Authors: Rita Veloso

Article #196: The Best Kept Secrets with Corpus Linguistics
Authors: Neil Cooke, Lee Gillam and Ahmet Kondoz

Article #198: BOOTStrep Annotation Scheme: Encoding Information for Text Mining
Authors: Scott Piao, Ekaterina Buyko, Yoshimasa Tsuruoka, Katrin Tomanek, Jin-Dong Kim, John McNaught, Udo Hahn and Sophia Ananiadou

Article #199(a): A Mmultivariate Investigation of Written British and American English
Authors: Christer Geisler

Article #200(a): English and Dutch Contrasted: Discourse, Grammatical and Rhetorical Differences in Sentence Structure
Authors: Lotte Tavecchio

Article #201(a): Diachronic Internet Corpus of English (DICE): Fully Searchable Online Corpus of Historical Texts from the Net
Authors: Mark Kaunisto

Article #203: Translation Units in Japanese-English Corpora: The Case of Frequent Nouns
Authors: Fumiko Kondo

Article #204: Spoken Features in Learner Academic Writing: Identification, Explanation and Solution
Authors: Gaëtanelle Gilquin and Magali Paquot

Article #205: Corpus and Cognition Colloquium: The Relation Between Natural and Experimental Language Data
Authors: Gaëtanelle Gilquin and Terry Shortall

Article #207: Letting in the Light and Working with the Web: A Dynamic Corpus Development Approach to Interpreting Metaphor
Authors: Stefano Federici and John Wade

Article #208(a): Intermodal Relations in Multimodal Text
Authors: Sabine Bartsch

Article #209: A Cross-Language Methodology for Corpus Part-of-Speech Tag-Set Development
Authors: Eric Atwell

Article #210: Representation of Foreign Countries in Two US Newspapers: Analysing Grammatical Collocates of China, Japan, North Korea and South Korea
Authors: Minhee Bang

Article #211(a): A Study of the Use of First Person Pronouns in a Corpus of Vampire Fiction
Authors: Juliet Herring

Article #213: The Importance of Metaphor on Bush'’s Speech: An Analysis Using Corpus Linguistics
Authors: Vivian de Mello Martins Mestriner and Lilian de Mello Martins

Article #216: A Discriminant Analysis of Non-native Speakers and Native Speakers of English
Authors: Masatoshi Sugiura, Masumi Narita, Tomomi Ishida, Tatsuya Sakaue, Remi Murao and Kyoko Muraki

Article #219: FidaPLUS corpus of Slovenian. The New Generation of the Slovenian Reference Corpus: Its Design and Tools
Authors: Špela Arhar, Vojko Gorjanc and Simon Krek

Article #220(a): Statistical Extension to the Poliqarp Query Language
Authors: Aleksander Buczynski

Article #221(a): The Creation of a Spoken Sub-Corpus from the British National Corpus for Comparative Purposes
Authors: Phoenix Lam and Richard Forsyth

Article #222(a): Using a Parallel Treebank for Detecting Source Language Influence on Target Language in Student Translations
Authors: Kerstin Lindmark

Article #224: Bilingual Corpora and Contrastive Language Studies: A Corpus-Based Study of Causative Constructions in a Dutch-Swedish Contrastive Perspective
Authors: Gudrun Rawoens

Article #225(a): Extracting Collocations from Specialised Corpora
Authors: Michael Barlow and Ute Römer

Article #226(a): BNC: The XML Edition
Authors: Lou Burnard, Guy Aston and Ylva Berglund

Article #227(a): Talking About Quality in Higher Education: A Corpus Linguistic Analysis of Quality Reports in the Irish University System
Authors: Marion Winters and Heinz Lechleiter

Article #228(a): The Use of Italics as Stylistic Devices Marking Information Focus in English Translations
Authors: Gaby Saldanha

Article #229(a): The Typology of Electronic Texts for a Corpus to be Representative
Authors: Svetlana Savchuk

Article #230(a): Multimedia Corpora for Applied Linguistic Contexts
Authors: Ylva Berglund Prytz, Sabine Braun, Kurt Kohn and Pascual Pérez-Paredes

Article #233(a): Think local! On the Need for Text-Type Specific Lexical Grammars
Authors: Ute Römer

Article #235(a): Corpus Approaches to the Language of Literature
Authors: Ylva Berglund and Martin Wynne

Article #237(a): Enhanced Phraseological Idiomaticity in Chinese Translational Texts: A Corpus-Based Study of Chinese Four-Character Idioms in Translational and Non-Translational Literal Texts
Authors: Meng Ji

Article #238: Automatic Detection of Spelling Variation in Historical Corpus: An Application to Build a Brazilian Portuguese Spelling Variants Dictionary
Authors: Rafael Giusti, Arnaldo Candido Jr, Marcelo Muniz, Lívia Cucatto and Sandra Aluísio

Article #239: A Corpus-Based Study of Demonstratives in German, Russian and English
Authors: Olga Krasavina and Christian Chiarcos

Article #240(a): SACODEYL: Creating Corpora for the Classroom
Authors: Ylva Berglund Prytz, Sabine Braun, Kurt Kohn and Pascual Pérez-Paredes

Article #241(a): Using Collocation Analysis to Reveal the Construction of Minority Groups: The Case of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Immigrants in the UK Press
Authors: Paul Baker, Tony McEnery and Costas Gabrielatos

Article #242: An Investigation of General Extenders in a Corpus of EU Parliamentary Debates
Authors: Costanza Cucchi

Article #243: Episimiotis: A Multilingual Tool for Hierarchical Annotation of Texts
Authors: Ilias Koutsis, George Markopoulos and George Mikros

Article #244: Corpus Manager: A Tool for Multilingual Corpus Analysis
Authors: George Kouklakis, George Mikros, George Markopoulos and Ilias Koutsis

Article #245: The Corpus of Early Written Latvian: Current State and Future Tasks
Authors: Everita Andronova

Article #247: Shakespeare: The Power of Language and the Language of Power
Authors: Adriana Teresa Damascelli

Article #248: Transcribing Speech: Errors in Corpora and Experimental Settings
Authors: Isabella Chiari

Article #249: A General-Purpose Monitor Corpus of Written Pashto
Authors: Mohammad Abid Khan and Fatima Tuz Zuhra

Article #250(a): Combining NLP and ML for Processing Sublanguages and Domain-Specific Corpora
Authors: Davy Weissenbacher

Article #251: A Multilingual Learner Corpus: A Description of the Kenyan Multilingual Individual and His L4 Interlanguage
Authors: Victoria Anyango Oketch

Article #252(a): NooJ Workshop: A Sophisticated Finite-State Linguistic Analysis Tool for Corpora
Authors: Max Silberztein and Tamás Váradi

Article #256: If-Conditionals as Modal Colligations: A Corpus-Based Investigation
Authors: Costas Gabrielatos

Article #257: Taming the Tiger Topic: An XCES Compliant Corpus Portal to Generate Subcorpus Based on Automatic Text-Topic Identification
Authors: Marcelo Muniz, Fernando V. Paulovich, Rosane Minghim, Kleber Infante, Fernando Muniz, Renata Vieira and Sandra Aluísio

Article #258: The CorDis Corpus: Mark-up and Related Issues
Authors: Letizia Cirillo, Anna Marchi and Marco Venuti

Article #261(a): "In the Wake of the Terror": Phraseological Tools of Time Setting in the Narrative of History
Authors: Marina Bondi

Article #262(a): Measuring Nounness of Korean Nouns
Authors: Kihwang Lee

Article #263(a): Facticity and Reader-Friendliness Through the Corpus-Based Investigation of Editorials from The Guardian and The Daily Yomiuri
Authors: Nozomi Miki

Article #265: Designing and Evaluating a Semantic Annotation Scheme for Compound Nouns
Authors: Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha

Article #266(a): Corpus for Multimodal Presentations
Authors: Milena Pesheva, Adel Elsayed and Roger Hartley

Article #267: A Corpus-Based Study of Word Order Variations in Korean
Authors: Seoin Shin

Article #268: Which English Dominates the World Wide Web, British or American?
Authors: Eric Atwell, Junaid Arshad, Chien-Ming Lai, Lan Nim, Noushin Rezapour Asheghi, Josiah Wang and Justin Washtell

Article #269: First Attempt to Automatically Generate Hungarian Semantic Verb Classes
Authors: Bálint Sass

Article #271: English Anchors in a Slovenian Word Resource
Authors: Primoz Jakopin and Andreja Zele

Article #272: A Comparative Study of the Tagging of Adverbs in Modern English Corpora
Authors: Owen Nancarrow and Eric Atwell

Article #276: Corpus Tools Today and Tomorrow: Incorporating User-Defined Annotations
Authors: Nicholas Smith, Sebastian Hoffmann and Paul Rayson

Article #277(a): The Use of Corpus, Concordancer and Chatbot in the Teaching of Contemporary Arabic
Authors: Latifa Al-Sulaiti, Andrew Roberts, Bayan Abu Shawar and Eric Atwell

Article #278: Translating Vagueness? A Study on Translations of Vague Quantifiers in an English-Chinese Parallel Corpus
Authors: Amy Y. Wang and Scott Piao

Article #280: Brazil and the Quality of its Cultural Dissemination Material: A Corpus-Based Study of Translation Strategies of Cultural References
Authors: Ana Teresa Perez Costa

Article #281(a): A Corpus-Based Study of Demonstrative Phrases in English and Arabic
Authors: Mai Zaki

Article #283(a): Toward Cleaner Web Corpora: Recognizing and Repairing Problems with Hybrid Online Documents
Authors: William H. Fletcher

Article #284(a): Studying Influences of British English and American English on World Wide Web in Southeast Asia by Applying Web as Corpus
Authors: Chien-Ming Lai

Article #286(a): Which English Dominates the World Wide Web in Countries Where English is a Native Language: British or American?
Authors: Noushin Rezapour Asheghi

Article #287(a): Dominance of British and American English on the World Wide Web in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei
Authors: Josiah Wang

Article #288(a): The Polynesian Influence on English in the World Wide Web of Pacific Island Nations
Authors: Justin Washtell

Article #292(a): The Dominant English Type within the World Wide Web Domains of France and its Former Colonies
Authors: Lan Cun Nim

Article #294: Combinatory Hybrid Elementary Analysis of Text
Authors: Eric Atwell

Article #295(a): Minimally Redundant Metadata Schemas for Speech Corpora
Authors: Caren Brinckmann, Sylvia Dickgießer and Joachim Gasch

Article #300(a): Multi-Word Units as a Model of Grammar
Authors: Oliver Mason

Article #301: Corpus-Driven Study of Translation Units in an English-Chinese Parallel Corpus
Authors: Weiqun Wang

Article #302(a): Collocation as the Determinant of Wittgenstein's 'Picture' Theory of Meaning
Authors: Bill Louw

Article #303(a): Investigating Similes: ‘Not So Much Told As Suggested’
Authors: Rosamund Moon

Article #304(a): Mapping Undergraduate Culture Using the Personal Blog: A Corpus-Based Approach
Authors: Vincent B.Y. Ooi, Peter K.W. Tan and Andy K.L. Chiang

Article #305(a): Using Corpus Analysis to Ascertain Positioning of Argument in a Media Text
Authors: Kieran O'Halloran

Article #306(a): The Difficulties in Collecting a Corpus of Genuine and Simulated Suicide Notes
Authors: Jess Shapero

Article #307(a): Theoretical Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics
Authors: Michael Barlow