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ASSIST: Automated Semantic Assistance for Translators

Translators have access to a wealth of information during the process of translating a text. This includes monolingual dictionaries to examine the senses in the source and target languages, and bilingual dictionaries to examine lexical equivalence. Less available is a translation (or parallel) corpus which provides examples of how translation equivalents are used in the target language. The recent research focus in translation studies has been on providing translation equivalents for technical vocabulary in a restricted domain. The problem we aim to address is that of providing contextual examples of translation equivalents for words from the general lexicon. This also suggests the need for using comparable corpora, i.e. collections of texts with similar properties in several languages, as parallel corpora are typically small (less than one million words) and not representative. For a sentence in the source language (English or Russian) the tool will give examples of similar contexts in the target language selected from the target language corpus and provide an interface for creating and maintaining a user dictionary of contextualised translation equivalents. The reason we concentrate on the general lexicon is because of the variety of meanings and possible translations that are exhibited by words from the general lexicon, but are not usually covered by translation equivalence lists given in bilingual dictionaries.

The project is supported by two EPSRC grants: EP/C004574 for (UCREL) Lancaster, EP/C005902 for (Centre for Translation Studies) Leeds. Project dates: April 2005 - June 2007.

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Principal Investigators: Roger Garside (Computing, Lancaster University) Tony Hartley, (Centre for Translation Studies, University of Leeds)

Co-investigators: Paul Rayson (Computing, Lancaster University), Serge Sharoff, (Centre for Translation Studies, University of Leeds) Tony McEnery (Linguistics, Lancaster University), Andrew Wilson (Linguistics, Lancaster University),

Researchers: Scott Song-lin Piao (Computing, Lancaster University), Olga Mudraya (Linguistics, Lancaster University), Bogdan Babych (Centre for Translation Studies, University of Leeds)

Availability of project resources

Project events

  1. Third International Workshop on Language Resources for Translation Work, Research & Training. A Satellite Event of LREC 2006. 28th May 2006. Magazzini del Cotone Conference Center, Genoa, Italy.
  2. EACL 2006 Workshop on Multi-word-expressions in a multilingual context, Trento, (Italy), 3rd April 2006.

Project publications

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