Metaphor in end-of-life care (MELC)

Language in End of Life Care workshop
8th May 2014
Work Foundation, London

Elena Semino has written a short summary blog post about the event. In addition, Sarah Russell, one of the participants at our event, has written about her experience for eHospice.

The workshop included the following sessions. The full programme is available to download here.
  • Welcome and opening: Professor Sheila Payne (Lancaster University)
  • The search for a final sense of meaning in end-of-life discourses: Professor Lukas Radbruch (University of Bonn) (slides)
  • The 'Metaphor in End-of-Life Care' project - data, questions and methods: Dr Veronika Koller and Dr Jane Demmen (Lancaster University) (slides)
  • 'Violence' and 'journey' metaphors revisited: Professor Elena Semino and Dr Veronika Koller (Lancaster University) (slides)
  • Listening to patient and professional voices in end-of-life care: Dame Professor Barbara Monroe (Chief Executive, St Christopher's Hospice, London) (slides)
  • Narratives of 'good' and 'bad' deaths: Dr Zsofia Demjen (Open University) and Professor Elena Semino (Lancaster University) (slides)
  • Plenary discussion: chaired by Professor Sheila Payne (Lancaster University)
  • Closing: Dr Veronika Koller and Professor Elena Semino (Lancaster University)

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