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Frequency lists

Here we provide plain text versions of the frequency lists contained in WFWSE. These are raw unedited frequency lists produced by our software and do not contain the many additional notes supplied in the book itself. The lists are tab delimited plain text so can be imported into your prefered spreadsheet format. For the main lists we provide a key to the columns. More details on the process undertaken in the preparation of the lists can be found in the introduction to the book.

These lists show dispersion ranging between 0 and 1 rather than 0 and 100 as in the book. We multiplied the value by 100 and rounded to zero decimal places in the book for reasons of space. Log likelihood values are shown here to one decimal place rather than zero as in the book.

Please note, all frequencies are per million words. There are some extra notes explaining the dummy values (:, @, and %) in the lemmatised lists.

CHAPTER 1: Frequencies in the Whole Corpus (Spoken and Written English)

CHAPTER 2: Spoken and Written English

CHAPTER 3: Two Main Varieties of Spoken English Compared

CHAPTER 4: Two Main Varieties of Written English Compared

CHAPTER 5: Rank Frequency Lists of Words within Word Classes (Parts of Speech) in the whole corpus

CHAPTER 6: Frequency Lists of Grammatical Word Classes (based on the Sampler Corpus)