Lancaster University

Lancaster Summer Schools
in Interdisciplinary Digital Methods

Lancaster University, UK – 15th to 19th July 2013

The next summer school

The Summer Schools are now over. The event will run again in July 2014; this website will be updated with information on next year's events during the Winter.

Some photos of the event take by Michael Pace-Sigge can be found here.

UPDATE: Keep In Touch!

Some of the participants in the 2013 Summer School have created a Facebook group in order to stay in touch - you'll find it here:

About the Summer Schools

Lancaster University is pleased to announce the following three Summer School events in July 2013:

Each Summer School is run as an intensive programme across four days, with the three events running in parallel 16th July to 19th July (Corpus Linguistics and Corpus Approaches to Social Science) / 15th to 18th July (GIS for the Digital Humanities).

All three Summer Schools are free to attend (but participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation).

For further details, click through to each Summer School's full description.

Other Lancaster events in July 2013

The Summer Schools have been scheduled in the third week of July for the convenience of participants who may wish to attend any of the other relevant events we are running that month.

  • The international conference Corpus Linguistics 2013 takes place in the week following the Summer Schools (22nd to 26th July 2013).

There is, of course, no expectation that participants in one of our Summer Schools will necessarily attend any of these other events.

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