Public opinion mining: analysing comments and reviews

Teh Phoey Lee

Sunway University

We now live in a world where many people would much rather connect and share their experience on social media than speak to each other. There are many different types of social media platform, including Twitter, Blogosphere, Facebook, and Instagram. The opinions that are shared on social media platforms are easily picked up by other readers - and well beyond those, the posts are primarily aimed at - using the same platform. Postings may be of significant interest to companies seeking to understand market sentiment or to political parties in helping them to predict the outcome of national elections. Postings may contain pictures and comments and are often followed with responses from friends and others. Using sentiment analysis, postings can be systematically identified, extracted, quantified, and studied. The information in them can be processed, manage, clustered and analysed for the use in various applications, such as marketing, customer service, healthcare benefits or even civil protection: these uses may be both benign and melaine.

In this talk, Dr Teh will share her research on sentiment analysis (which also is known as opinion mining or emotion AI), where natural language processing, text analysis, computational linguistics are applied. A particular focus of Dr Teh's research is the understanding of sentiment in different countries, where different languages and cultures have enormous implications for the understanding of sentiment.


Dr Teh Phoey Lee is Associate Professor in the School of Science and Technology, Sunway University, and is a senior member of the IEEE Association. She completed her PhD in Management Information System at University of Putra, Malaysia in the year 2011 and has published over 50+ papers, several of which have been co-authored with colleagues at Lancaster University. Dr Teh is fluent in many languages, particularly different Chinese dialects, and other Asian languages. This fluency enables here to shed a particularly knowledgeable light on the analysis of social media posts of Asian posters. Dr Teh has also served as Head of Department, and Programme Leader for several postgraduate programmes, and lead the development of a new undergraduate programme in Mobile Computing and Entrepreneurship.

Research Interest(s)

1. Sentiment analytics

2. Social media analytics

3. Textual analysis

4. Information Acquisition

Week 15 2019/2020

Thursday 13th February 2020

Charles Carter A18