Verbs in specialized language: the case of the knowledge base EcoLexicon

Míriam Buendía-Castro

University of Granada (Spain)

This research presents EcoLexicon (, a multilingual terminological knowledge base on the environment developed at the University of Granada which contains over 3,500 concepts and over 20,000 terms in English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and Modern Greek. This talk focuses on how verb phraseological information is encoded in EcoLexicon. As is well known, verbs are an extremely important part of language, however, very few specialized knowledge resources include them. It is our assertion that verbs and their potential arguments can be classified and structured in a set of conceptual-semantic categories typical of a given specialized domain. In this context, when semantic roles and macroroles are specified as well as the resulting phrase structure, it is then possible to establish templates that represent this meaning for entire frames. In this regard, within the context of a specialized knowledge domain, the range of verbs generally associated with potential arguments can be predicted within the frame of a specialized event.

Week 1 2019/2020

Thursday 10th October 2019

Charles Carter A18