Corpus and software resources available at Lancaster

Andrew Hardie1 & Paul Rayson2

1CASS, Lancaster University  2SCC, Lancaster University

This talk will provide a brief introduction to the UCREL research centre, and an overview of the corpus resources, software tools and infrastructure that is available for corpus linguistics and NLP researchers at Lancaster University. The talk will cover corpora of English and non-English varieties, and there will be brief descriptions of annotation, retrieval and other software. Two web-based systems (CQPweb and Wmatrix) will be briefly demonstrated. CQPweb is a corpus retrieval and analysis tool which provides fast access to a range of very large standard corpora. Wmatrix, on the other hand, allows uploading of your own English corpora, carries out tagging and provides key word and key domain analysis, plus frequency lists and concordancing.

Week 1 2017/2018

Thursday 12th October 2017

Management school LT9