Lancaster University (UK), 28 - 31 March 2003


Corpus Linguistics 2003 will be a forum for all concerned with the computer-assisted empirical analysis of natural language. Our definition of 'corpus' is broad, and we therefore welcome those working on substantial literary texts or other kinds of text collection as well as more 'traditional' corpus linguists.

Similarly, we wish to encourage further cross-fertilization between work occurring in language engineering (e.g. information extraction, parsing) and linguistics. We believe that corpus linguists should be aware of the latest developments in language processing. We also believe that language engineers should be aware of the findings and needs of corpus linguists.

The conference will include invited talks from:
Nicoletta Calzolari - Corpora and the lexicon
Michael Hoey - topic TBA
Susan Hunston - Frame, phrase, or function: a comparison between frame semantics and local grammars
Nancy Ide - Everything you wanted to know about the American National Corpus ... but were afraid to ask

There will be four pre-conference workshops:

Details of the workshops, and the more than 130 accepted papers and posters are available on the conference website.

The aims of Corpus Linguistics 2003 are:

1. to encourage dialogue between those working on similar issues in different languages and between areas with a (perhaps as yet untapped) potential to interact.

2. to encourage dialogue between researchers using corpora in linguistics and those using corpora in language engineering.


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Local committee

Tony McEnery (Lancaster University)
Andrew Wilson (Lancaster University)
Paul Rayson (Lancaster University)
Paul Baker (Lancaster University)

General committee

Eric Atwell, University of Leeds, UK
Michael Barlow, Rice University, USA
Mark Davies, Illinois State University, USA
Tomaz Erjavec, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Rob Gaizauskas, University of Sheffield, UK
Randall Jones, Brigham Young University, USA
Charles Meyer, University of Massachusetts at Boston, USA
Tamás Váradi, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
Anne Wichmann, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Shunji Yamazaki, Daito Bunka University, Japan


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Corpus Linguistics 2003
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