Lancaster University (UK), 30 March - 2 April 2001

Conference workshops

The pre-conference workshops took place on the 29th March. The workshop locations are listed on the programme page.
  1. Full day: Corpus-Based & Processing Approaches to Figurative Language
    Organisers: John Barnden (University of Birmingham), Mark Lee (University of Birmingham), Katja Markert (University of Edinburgh)

  2. Morning: Corpus Linguistics, Ancient Languages, and Older Language Periods
    Organiser: Andrew Wilson (Lancaster University)

  3. Morning: XML Markup Technologies for Working with Linguistic Data
    Organisers: Jean Carletta and Henry Thompson (University of Edinburgh and W3C).

  4. Afternoon: Using SARA to explore the BNC World Edition
    Organisers: Lou Burnard (email: (Oxford University Computing Services) and Guy Aston (Bologna University)
    The world edition of the British National Corpus now comes packaged with a new version of the SARA software system, originally developed as a simple corpus querying tool in 1994, but now enhanced in response to user feedback. The new version includes features for producing word-lists, calculating collocation scores, and defining subcorpora, and can also be used on corpora other than the BNC.

    This workshop took the form of an introductory tutorial explaining the chief features of the software -- what it can and cannot do. The main focus was on using SARA to search the BNC, but we also demonstrated SARA working with other corpora. Participants were given hands-on access to the system, and guided through a set of predefined exercises.

    The workshop was taught by Lou Burnard and Guy Aston, co-authors of "The BNC Handbook" and co-developers of the SARA software.

    The text of the workshop presentation is available on-line at