Lancaster University (UK), 30 March - 2 April 2001

Conference registration

To register, you may either:

1. Send this form by surface mail to:

		Department of Linguistics and 
		Modern English Language,
		Lancaster University,
		Lancaster LA1 4YT 
		United Kingdom

2. Or fax it to: +44 - 1524 - 843085

3. Or email it to:

Please register BEFORE 22nd February 2001, otherwise we cannot guarantee availability of accommodation. At least one author for each paper and poster should register for the conference. Workshop registration is available until the workshop deadline.

The (residential) fee for CL2001 includes the following:

The non-residential fee includes the above apart from all accommodation and breakfasts. Accommodation is provided in single study bedrooms on the Lancaster University main campus. Those paying the full rate will be accommodated in en suite rooms. Those paying reduced rates will be accommodated in rooms with shared bathroom facilities. We plan to produce conference proceedings as hardcopy and electronic form (on CD Rom). Extra days (accommodation and breakfast) are available to extend your stay before or after the conference, see below.

Payment Details:

You must send payment at the same time as the registration form. Fees are payable in Pounds Sterling or US Dollars. Please make cheques payable to 'Lancaster University'. Sterling money orders can also be used for payment, and must be made payable to 'Lancaster University'. US Dollar cheques are also acceptable, using a fixed exchange rate of 1.4 $US to the Pound. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card payments. Direct bank transfer is possible. Please email us for details.

Family name:
First name:
Attendance at CL2001 [ ] Residential £320.00
[ ] Student residential £280.00
[ ] Non-Residential £240.00
NOTE: Students must provide written evidence of their full time student status, such as an official headed letter from their supervisor.
Proceedings: [ ] Hardcopy (2 volumes) £30
[ ] CD Rom £6
[ ] Hardcopy (2 volumes) and CD Rom £36
Workshops: [ ] Attendance at preconference conferences and workshops, including accommodation on the night of 29th March, lunch and dinner on the 29th and breakfast on 30th: £80.00
[ ] Attendance at preconference conferences and workshops, excluding accommodation on the night of 29th March, but including lunch and dinner on the 29th: £60.00
Extra days: [ ] En-suite accommodation on the night of 29th March, breakfast on 30th: £35.00
[ ] Student accommodation on the night of 29th March, breakfast on 30th: £30.00
[ ] Further extra-day (e.g. 28th March or 3rd April) accommodation and breakfast at these rates (please indicate type and date(s)):
Special dietary requirements:
None [ ] Vegetarian [ ] Vegan [ ] Other (Please specify) [ ]
Any other comments: