Lancaster University (UK), 30 March - 2 April 2001

Conference posters

These posters were displayed in the Conference Centre room MR2 throughout all four days of the conference.

Adam Kilgarriff: Web as corpus
Adriana Vlad, Adrian Mitrea, & Mihai Mitrea: A Corpus-Based Analysis of How Accurately Printed Romanian Obeys to Some Universal Laws
Andrea Reményi: Use logbooks and find the original meaning of „representativenes
Anna-Lena Fredriksson: Translating passives in English and Swedish: a text-linguistic perspective
Byungsun Park & Beom-mo Kang: Korean grammatical collocation of predicates and arguments
Cécile Fabre & Didier Bourigault: Linguistic clues for corpus-based acquisition of lexical dependencies
Dan Tufis & Ana-Maria Barbu: Accurate automatic extraction of translation equivalents from parallel corpora
Dimitrios Kokkinakis: A Long-Standing Problem in Corpus-Based Lexicography and a Proposal for a Viable Solution
Jérôme Richalot: The influence of the passive on text cohesion and technical terminology
Anne Le Draoulec & Marie-Paule Péry-Woodley: Corpus based identification of temporal organisation in discourse
Martin Weisser: A corpus-based methodology for comparing and evaluating different accents
Mike Pacey & Antoinette Renouf: Webcorp
Mike Pacey: The SHARES and APRIL projects
Mikhail Mikhailov & Miia Villikka: Is there such a thing as a translator's style?
Ngoni Chipere, David Malvern, Brian Richards & Pilar Duran: Using a corpus of school children's writing to investigate the development of vocabulary diversity
Noëlle Serpollet: The mandative subjunctive in British English seems to be alive and kicking… Is this due to the influence of American English?
Pierre Fiala, Serge Heiden, and Béatrice Vautherin: Lexicometric methods in political discourse analysis : Factor analysis, specificities, cooccurrences.
Rachel Muntz: Evidence of Australian cultural identity through the analysis of Australian and British corpora
Reiko Ikeo: The Positions of the Reporting Clauses of Speech Presentation with Special Reference to the Lancaster Speech, Thought and Writing Presentation Corpus
Richard Xiao Zhonghua: A Corpus-Based Study of Interaction Between Chinese Perfective -le and Situation Types
Roumiana Blagoeva: Comparing cohesive devices: a corpus based analysis of conjunctions in writen and spoken learner discourse
Roz Ivanic and Nick Smith: The Lancaster Corpus of Children's Project Writing: Demonstration and Discussion
Serge Sharoff: Through the looking glass of parallel texts
Solveig Granath: Is that a fact? A corpus study of the syntax and semantics of the fact that
Takanobu Akiyama: John is a man of (good) vision: enrichment with evaluative meanings
Wang JianDe, Chen ZhaoXiong & Huang HeYan: Multiple-Level Knowledge Discovery from Corpus
Yu Jiangsheng & Duan Huiming: POS Estimation of Undefined Chinese Words