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CFIE-FRSE-Web software

The CFIE-FRSE-Web (Final Report Structure Extractor) tool (previously called the Wmatrix-import tool) permits large batch scoring of UK annual report narratives. The web tool is available at: Key features of the tool include its use of novel hybrid text analysis methods to detect UK annual report structure, count word frequencies, calculate readability and other quality metrics to score individual sections of the annual report such as strategy, performance, governance and remuneration. It also carefully distinguishes between the front end narratives, and the mandatory financial statements and notes. The tool links with the separate Wmatrix corpus tool for further comparative language analysis. The CFIE-FRSE tool has been used by the project team to score the linguistic characteristics of the narratives in over 10,000 UK annual reports, spanning the period 2003 to 2013. These scores and reference corpus profiles are also being made publicly available.


A desktop version of the same tool is available to download and run locally rather than through our web interface. For more information, see our CASS Corporate Communications project blog and you can download the tool from our GitHub page.

CFIE-FRSE-Web Logins

To access the CFIE-FRSE-Web software you need a user name and password. To request a trial or a permanent username and password please email us on

Getting started with CFIE-FRSE-Web (Screencasts)

There is a complete playlist so you can watch all five CFIE-FRSE tutorials.

We also have screenshots and slides available to download which demonstrate how to use the software.

A- CFIE-FRSE-Web tool overview and how to log in. B- Brief summary of key features of CFIE-FRSE-Web


C- How to upload files into CFIE-FRSE-Web. D- More details on key features of CFIE-FRSE-Web and output


E- How to link CFIE-FRSE-Web to Wmatrix Corpus analysis tool.


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