2  parts

as if 
as though 
as well  
as for  
as from  
as of  
as to   
as against 
as between 
as regards 
as usual  
according as 
inasmuch as 
insofar as 
so as to 
such as
all but  
any longer 
anything but  
as yet 
at present  
at all
at first  
at last  
at most  
at best 
at large 
at least 
at length 
at once 
at random 
at worst 
by now 
even so 
ever so 
for example 
for instance 
for long   
for ever 
for once 
for sure 
in short  
in addition 
just about 
kind of  
more than
nigh on 
no doubt  
no longer 
of course 
oft times 
once again 
once more 
sort of  
let 's 
one 's    
# [CRD] 's    
# [ZZ0] 's   
thanks to 
an' all 
old fashioned 
spot on   
one another 
a little
a few 
a bit
a lot
according to 
adjacent to 
ahead of 
all right 
along with 
apart from 
aside from 
away from  
because of 
brand new 
but that   
but for  
by far 
clamp down  
close to
considering that   
contrary to 
depending on 
due to
each other 
even if 
even though 
even when 
ex army 
except that 
except for 
excepting for 
fair do 's 
far off   
fed up 
follow up   
for good  
for keeps 
grown up    
grown ups 
half way 
hard up 
have nots 
hey presto 
in order for
in order that 
in order to 
in case  
in that  
in between   
in common  
in full  
in general  
in particular  
in private  
in public  
in vain  
in brief 
inside out  
instead of
irrespective of 
just about
know how  
less than
let alone  
long-term wise 
near to  
nearer to  
nearest to  
next to   
no one
none other 
none the
not withstanding 
now that   
off of 
off guard 
on board  
on to   
other than 
out of  
outside of 
over here 
over there 
owing to  
pertaining to 
point blank  
prior to 
provided that   
providing that   
pursuant to 
rather than  
relative to 
save that   
save for  
seeing as 
seeing that   
so that
so called 
some one 
something like
straight forward  
subject to   
subsequent to 
such that  
super duper 
supposing that   
thanks a lot 
that is
together with  
under way 
up until   
up front  
up to
upside down  
upward of 
upwards of 
well off 
# [AJ0] 's 
far from
for certain
more than
a propos  
a la 
a capella  
a posteriori  
a priori  
a fortiori  
ab initio  
ad lib   
ad hoc  
ad hominem  
ad infinitum  
ad astra  
ad nauseam  
affaire d'honneur 
agent provocateur 
agnus dei 
aide memoire 
al dente  
al fresco  
alla breve   
alma mater 
alter ego 
ancien regime 
anno domini  
annus horribilis 
annus mirabilis 
ante meridiem 
aqua vitae 
art nouveau 
asti spumante 
au fait 
au pair 
au contraire 
au revoir 
auf wiedersehen 
aurora australis 
aurora borealis 
avant garde  
bar mitzvah  
basso profundo 
beau monde 
belles lettres 
bete noire 
billet doux 
bon mot 
bon vivant 
bon viveur 
bon appetit 
bon voyage 
bona fide 
bona fides 
camera obscura 
carte blanche 
casus belli 
cause celebre 
ceteris paribus 
chaise longue 
charge d'affaires 
chez moi 
chez nous 
chop suey 
chow mein 
compos mentis 
con brio  
con fuoco  
con moto  
cordon bleu 
cordon sanitaire 
corpus delicti 
corpus juris 
coup d'etat 
danse macabre 
de rigeur 
de trop 
de luxe 
de facto  
de jure  
de profundis 
dei gratia 
deja vu 
delirium tremens 
demi monde 
double entendre 
dramatis personae 
eminence grise 
en suite 
en bloc 
en famille 
en masse 
en passant 
en route 
enfant terrible 
enfants terribles 
entente cordiale 
ententes cordiales 
et al 
et cetera 
ex cathedra  
ex gratia  
ex officio  
ex parte  
ex tempore  
ex libris 
fait accompli 
faux ami 
faux pas 
faux amis 
femme fatale 
force majeure 
fromage frais 
grand prix 
grande dame 
gung ho 
habeas corpus 
hara kiri 
hasta luego 
haute couture 
haute cuisine 
hoi polloi 
homo sapiens 
hors d'oeuvre 
hors d'oeuvres 
hysteron proteron 
idee fixe 
in toto  
in absentia 
in camera 
in extremis 
in memoriam 
in perpetuum 
in situ 
in vitro
in vivo 
inter alia 
ipso facto 
kung fu 
laissez faire 
lingua franca 
loc cit 
locum tenens 
magna carta 
magnum opus 
maitre d'hotel 
mea culpa 
mezzo soprano 
modus operandi 
modus vivendi 
mot juste 
nem con 
noblesse oblige 
non sequitur 
nouveau riche 
nouveaux riches 
nouvelle cuisine 
objet d'art 
objets d'art 
op cit 
papier mache 
par excellence 
pax britannica 
pax romana 
per cent 
per diem   
per annum 
per capita  
per se 
petit bourgeois 
petite bougeoisie 
petits bourgeois 
pina colada 
pince nez 
post mortem  
post hoc  
post meridiem 
poste restante  
pot pourri 
prima facie  
prima donna 
pro forma 
pro rata  
pro tem 
raison d'etre 
rigor mortis 
savoir faire 
savoir vivre 
semper fidelis 
shish kebab 
sine die 
sinn fein 
sotto voce  
spaghetti bolognese 
status quo 
sub poena 
sub judice  
sui generis 
sui juris 
table d'hote 
tabula rasa 
tai chi 
terra firma 
terra incognita 
tout court 
ultra vires  
vice versa 
viva voce   
volte face 
vox populi 
wiener schnitzel 
3  parts

as far as  
as well as  
as long as  
as soon as  
as opposed to 
as good as  
so far as  
so long as  
as a whole 
as it were 
at long length 
by and by 
by and large 
by no means 
every so often 
from now on 
in addition to 
none the less 
so much as 
time and again 
a good few
a good many 
a great many 
a little bit
a good deal
a great deal
all the same  
an awful lot  
and so forth 
and so on 
by means of 
by reason of 
by way of 
by the by 
for fear of 
getting on for  
in keeping with  
in accord with 
in accordance with 
in aid of 
in answer to 
in association with 
in back of 
in case of 
in charge of 
in common with 
in comparison with 
in conjunction with 
in connection with 
in consultation with 
in contact with 
in cooperation with 
in course with 
in defence of 
in defiance of 
in excess of 
in face of 
in favor of 
in favour of 
in front of 
in lieu of 
in light of 
in line with 
in need of 
in place of 
in possession of 
in proportion to 
in pursuit of 
in quest of 
in receipt of 
in regard to 
in relation to 
in reply to 
in respect of 
in response to 
in return for 
in search of 
in spite of 
in support of 
in terms of 
in touch with 
in view of 
in the main
into line with 
lo and behold 
matter of fact  
no matter  
no matter who 
no matter whose 
no matter whom 
no matter  
on account of 
on behalf of 
on top of 
out of date 
to and fro 
up to date 
whether or not 
with reference to 
with regard to 
with relation to 
with respect to 
a la carte  
a la mode  
affaire de coeur 
aide de camp 
cafe au lait 
chile con carne 
coup de grace 
coup de theatre 
creme de menthe 
cri de coeur 
croix de guerre 
cul de sac 
deus ex machina 
esprit de corps 
fin de siecle 
hasta la vista 
in loco parentis  
in flagrante delicto  
in medias res 
in propria persona 
joie de vivre 
la dolce vita 
le mot juste 
magna cum laude  
mal de mer 
medicins sans frontieres 
menage a trois 
nom de guerre 
nom de plume 
non compos mentis 
pas de deux 
persona non grata 
personae non gratae 
piece de resistance 
pied a terre 
poco a poco 
primus inter pares 
quid pro quo 
roman a clef 
sine qua non 
son et lumiere 
summa cum laude  
tai kwan do 
tour de force 
tout de suite 
vin de table 
vis a vis 
vol au vent 

4  parts

in as much as 
in so far as 
all of a sudden 
for the most part 
from time to time 
once and for all 
through thick and thin 
for the time being 
in the light of  
in the order of
on the part of 
out of line with 
out of touch with 
that is to say 
up to the minute 
with a view to 
creme de la creme 
je ne sais quoi 
pate de foie gras 

5  parts

as a matter of fact 
be that as it may 
a heck of a lot
a hell of a lot